Cookie Monster at RJ Donovan Prison

Kairos creates Christian communities inside prisons that can transform lives, decrease prison violence, and reduce recidivism. Kairos (God's Special Time) invites inmates to participate in Bible study, discussion groups, prayer and chapel meditation to foster a Christian community within the prison walls. Kairos volunteers continue to provide support and fellowship through weekly Prayer-and-Share groups and monthly Reunions.

RB Community has supported the Kairos prison ministry for a number of years by providing home baked cookies for those attending the 4-day seminar. In October, the Kairos Ministry went into four prison yards at RJ Donovan Correctional Facility. It is the only prison in the world that allows Kairos into all four yards during one weekend. Home baked cookies are the hook to get prisoners to come to the weekend meetings. As one Chinese inmate said at a previous Kairos event, "I come for cookies - I find Jesus." Our very own Gary Jackson was the Cookie Monster this year helping to distribute 2400 dozen cookies (78 dozen provided by RB Community bakers). There were many testimonials of the Holy Spirit transforming lives.

Thank you for being the spark plugs that ignited these men to open their hearts seeking forgiveness through Christ. If you want to learn more about Kairos Prison Ministry click the link on our web site under Missions.