Listening for God's Call ... and Following

Listening for God's Call ... and Following

The following testimonial comes by way of one of our home grown missionaries. As you read, remember you support stories and evangelism through people like Linley.

"As a sixteen year old teen preparing to go on my first international missions trip, I had no idea how serving in Peru would change my life. While traveling to South America with The Highway group from RB Community, my passion for missions was ignited and a desire to serve the Lord was planted in my heart. I’m Linley (Sullivan) Krahel and I grew up at RB Community. After participating in various overseas missions after college, I have served as a full time missionary with Cru High School in the Poway Unified School District and the Escondido Unified School District since 2014. Cru High School’s goal is to love and connect with teenagers and to share the love, power and forgiveness of Jesus. The core of our ministry is evangelism and discipleship; going to high school campuses to reach students who might never come through a church’s door. I have mentored and discipled high school girls and created community where all can be loved and accepted for who they are. What an exciting moment it is to see teens begin to grasp how much they are loved and cared for by a God who can change their lives. God has used my missionary heart, developed as a teenager at this church, to reach students in my home community who desperately need Jesus. I am grateful for being part of a ministry that changes lives."

"Yet, as it says in Ecclesiastes 3, 'There is a season for everything.' While traveling overseas years ago, I became aware of the escalating proliferation of human trafficking throughout the world.  Recently, God created an increasing desire in my heart to fight against this vile industry that affects thousands of women and children internationally. A couple of weeks ago, I accepted a position at Raising a Voice, a non-profit ministry in Knoxville, TN, that partners with international ministries to fight human trafficking. I will be running their missionary training program to educate believers who are passionate about helping women who have been forced into the human trafficking industry.  Interns will come to Knoxville for three months of training in cross cultural ministry and intense Bible study, along with education about the international human trafficking epidemic. After three months in Knoxville, volunteers will embark on nine months of overseas anti-human trafficking missions work, spending three months each in Argentina, Kenya and Spain. Raising a Voice’s goal is to train, empower and send young people to bring the gospel to some of the darkest and most broken places in the world.  God’s call for me to shift my ministry focus has been quite strong and my husband, Matt, and I are so excited to see how the Lord will use us during this new season. My faith in God’s faithfulness, and my heart for the lost, was nurtured in this church. Thank you for the love, support and prayers over the years. Please pray for Matt and me as we take this leap of faith and move across the country to serve the broken with the love of Christ."

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