Your support spreads compassion

Faithful, generous members from our faith family may be unaware of the many ministries of compassion that go on in the name of Jesus outside of worship. Our Pastoral Care team supports people at various stages of recovery, crisis, and stages of life. One courtesy we extend from The Lord's Table is offering Communion to homebound members and assisted living facilities.

One of our faithful members, Lee Stevens, has been joining Pastor Mofid for years at a local memory care facility to offer The Bread and The Cup to full-time residents under their care. These saints often perk up when hearing the Words of Institution, singing songs (Lee plays his clarinet), smiling and remembering the familiar words and routine of taking the elements together.

Regardless of how they respond, we believe it is essential to extend God's love to these faithful saints. So thank you for giving to our general fund, and know the grace of God you invest in makes ministries like this possible.

Picture is of Pastor Bryan filling in for Mofid with Lee this month.