Elders at RB Community

RB Community adheres to the Biblical model of governance through the offices of Elder, Deacon and Pastor. Elders, together with Ministers of Word and Sacrament, exercise leadership, practice spiritual discernment and enforce discipline as the elected leaders responsible for the life of our congregation. They also participate in the larger church denomination as elected and called. Both men and women are eligible, with Elders and Deacons serving three year terms after confirmation by congregational vote.

Our current Elders are called a "Session," with about 21 active in classes of 7. Officers are ordained for life, but serve limited terms. Committees of Session include Officer Nominating, Missions, Human Resources, Administration and Finance, and Stewardship. Committee participants are approved by Session after vetting by the Officer Nominating Committee. Due to our church being a larger congregation, our Session constitutes short term task forces of Elders and members to accomplish larger tasks and projects (for example building projects).

All officers adhere to the Presbyterian Church USA Book of Order, Book of Confessions, our own Elder Covenant of Behavior and Standing Rules for Meetings. Elders meet on the fourth Monday of every month at 7PM (except in months with holiday conflicts). Meetings are open to the public but guests who are not on the agenda do not participate; all must adhere to our standing rules for meetings.

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