Family Ministries at RB Community

Brent Barclay, our Director of Family Ministries, grew up at RB Community and has served on staff for over 12 years. He is a college and seminary graduate seeking ordination within our denomination. Brent leads the entire Family Ministries staff of children's, middle school, high school and college ministries.

THIS WEEK: MAR 23rd - MAR 29th

March 23rd to March 29th SCHEDULE OF EVENTS...

A Free Benefit From RB Community Church

Take a break from watching the news and start watching some uplifting and encouraging media. It's all free because you belong to RB Community Church. You can enjoy a\n\n...

Boy Scout Troop 680 celebrates 50th anniversary

Boy Scouts of America Troop 680 recently celebrated 50 years of its members experiencing outdoor adventures and leadership opportunities while also serving the community...

Discipleship Is Messy

Discipleship is messy. It’s been that way from the start. The original twelve disciples argued among themselves about who was the greatest: Peter and Paul conflicted...

Our preschool - Ava and Trevor's story

With a very difficult to obtain NAEYC accreditation, dedicated staff, and beautiful facilities, we appeal to parents looking for a school to prepare their little ones...

list of Family Ministries events
Events held and scheduled by us
  • 2:00 pm
  • Zoom
  • 10:00 am
  • YouTube
  • 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • YouTube Live