2019 Focus Team - 4 Things

In late 2018 our Elders agreed to work together towards four focus points - what we’ve named “pillars.” Each pillar is comprised of “bricks,” the specific goals within each focus area to glorify God, strengthen our church and nurture our spiritual health. 

The top two pillars, “The Great Commission” and “Family Ministries” involve every member in our faith family and are thus what we will prioritize in reports to Elders in the coming months. We will give a complete report from the 2019 Focus Team before the end of the year before re-prioritizing our efforts in 2020. The four members of the team are Deacon Janet Waidelich, Elder Sharon Maruo, member Deborah Kelly, and Dr. Stamper.

Highlights of bricks yet to complete: a new Children's wing downstairs, a new Children's Director, a new website, 50 testimonials about transformation, expanded hospitality ministry teams, and monthly updates to Elders.